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2nd Mail Art Festival in Malaysia / MMAF 2010

We invite artists from all over the world to contribute their work in this exhibition called the 2nd Mail Art Festival in Malaysia / MMAF 2010

Theme: open

Technique: open

Size: A3 & A4 (bigger is better)

Closing date:-

1 March 2010


Shah Alam Gallery, Yayasan Seni Selangor (Selangor Art Foundation), Shah Alam, Malaysia (April 2010)

You can send up to 10 artworks, on paper or canvas (2D ONLY), sized A4 (21 x 30 cm) or A3 (31 x 42 cm). THERE IS NO PARTICIPATION FEE. ORIGINAL art works only, without frame. Certificate will be send to all participants from MMAF to acknowledge your mail art/s is in our permanent collection. Artworks will not be returned and become the collection of MMAF (Malaysia Mail Art Festival).

Please label your artwork/s as a GIFT or SOUVENIR – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE.

Please include:-

Full name, Address, Country, Title of work, Medium, Year, E-mail address, Web site & CV.

Each artwork will be exhibited. Documentation will be launched online at :-


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